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At ACCE, we are passionate about technology, service and innovation which suit the requirements of our customers as per modern trend. Founded in 2017, Our evolution is embodied in steady and significant growth that ACCE has seen since 2017, ACCE has continued to be India most trusted product developer and supplier with multi channel retail experience.
The concept offers superior experience and customized offerings on latest technology related to Mobile Data Security App.

We take pride introducing our products under Make in India initiative


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Intruder Email

This innovative and inventive feature assists customers in tracking the intruder using the GPS location and proximity sensor. This feature allows the phone to emit a distinct siren and alert the user, as well as share the intruder's image and location. A flash message will appear on the screen as well, with any pre-customized message saved by the user.

Motion Detection

This feature enables users to stay connected with their families from any location. Users can track movement of loved ones in real-time.

Family Tracking

One of the most innovative feature which enables you alaways connected with your family from any time any where so you can touch every second with your Family .

USB Protection

When an unauthorized intruder connects the user's phone via USB cable to any storage device, such as a computer or laptop, the siren is activated, and the intruder's photo and location are sent to the registered email address.


This feature enables the user to wipe their personal and confidential phone data remotely once their phone is lost or stolen..


It will prevent unwanted computer malwares. Viruses, worms or Trojan Horses can be used by criminals or mischievous people (called 'hackers'). They can be used to steal information or damage system files. If no antivirus software is installed, hackers may be able to access the information in the Phone. AACE ANTI THEFT PRO Antivirus software uses many ways to protect the phone. They often search for signs of viruses in every website that is visited.

Pocket Alert

When someone out of your pocket will try to steal mobile then the sensors will be activated and siren will turn on.

SOS Signal

This feature allows the user to raise an alarm in the event of an unexpected danger. Especially useful for women's and children's safety.


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